Providing Best Indutrial Solution For Our Customers Business Growing In Last 25+ Years.
With over 20 years of experience, we have been working and trading across the globe. We are trader, importer, general order supplier and whole sale dealer. We deal in all types of machineries and products. We believe in building trust and good relations with our clients.

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  • Top Quality BrandsMatco Foods Limited represents top European and American brands known for their high-quality plastics machinery.
  • Competitive PricingMatco Foods Limited offers competitive pricing, making it an affordable and cost-effective choice for customers.
  • Customer SatisfactionMatco Foods Limited, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to provide excellent service that exceeds expectations.
  • Ready StockTo ensure operational efficiency for our customers, Matco Foods Limited maintains a readily available stock of frequently used items.
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A Company Involved in Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs of Engines Prime Movers & Turbochargers.

We are integrated engineering company composed of a group of agile and experienced engineers skilled in different scopes of engineering work Assured plant availability and operational security.
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Deep fryer equipment (large size)

In these models, in the technological roasting mode, an infrared heater is used.
Using an infrared heater can reduce the rate of oxidation of the oil and increase the period of its use.
These machines are easy to operate. One operator is sufficient for maintenance.

AirForce® Impingement Oven

Proven to deliver faster cooking and greater uniformity than any other impingement oven. Cook meat, poultry, seafood, and baked products precisely to your specifications. Choose from compact gas-fired burner or thermal fluid heating systems.

SureCoat® Batter Applicator

Uniformly apply batters and marinades to all surfaces of formed and natural products. Our trouble-free batter applicators are built for easy cleaning and reliable operation so that your production line runs without any delays.

Mixing equipment ME 65

preserves the freshness of the product by rapid mixing.The tape is designed in accordance with the properties of objects, produces the preservation.
freshness in optimized conditions.
Easily mix objects with the tilt function

SureCoat® Breading Applicator

Uniformly apply pre-dust, breading, and flake coatings even to the most difficult to coat products while getting the industry’s fastest changeover and cleaning times.

Automatic sorting machine for fish

Thanks to the rotating cylinders and the guide rod, the efficiency of sorting the fish is very high;
With a rotary handle, even during operation, a gap size of 5 ~ 58 mm can be monitored.